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Services We Can Provide
Tree Pruning
Pruning a tree is not a job for the weekend warrior — if the plant is to maintain its presence in the landscape. We provide the technical skill, education, and man power to ensure your plant is healthy. Based on your expectations, trees will be pruned to remove dead limbs, thin out crossing and obtrusive limbs, and their lower crowns raised, as needed. We will clear structures and service wires to allow adequate clearance without injuring the plant. Proper cuts per ANSI Standards shall always be made.
Shrub Pruning
"A monkey could prune a shrub", I once heard a homeowner say. However, does the monkey know what time of year it is? How much of the shrub should be removed? Where and how will the monkey make his cuts without damaging the plant and encouraging proper growth? My point here is, shrub pruning is much more technical than people think. Your shrubs deserve a professionals touch if they are to remain enhancing the landscape. Don't ruin another weekend (or your shrub) and let us take care of your shrubbery properly.
What is topiary? There are many forms a plant can take. They just need a little coaxing, some imagination and a steady hand. Topiary is basically forming of plants into odd shapes. "Edward Scissorhands" (the movie) is a prime example of topiary shaping. Applebees restaurants with apple shaped shrubs lining the building, basswood trees turned into squares on stems, and small shrubbery shaped into hearts — all topiary "art" — all professionally done by us!! Add some flare to your yard, or maintain the English style you currently have.
Bed Maintenance
NO, we are not coming to fix your mattress!! The beds we refer to, of course, are your shrub and flower beds. Good gardeners know mulch is the way to go — to retain moisture, control temperature, amend the soil, and add color. Unfortunately, mulch does not last and needs to be refreshed annually. We will deliver and spread mulch as part of caring for your flower garden or shrub bed. We deadhead spent blooms, pull weeds, and return in the fall to ready the beds for winter. Leave your perrenial garden to us, whether for the entire season, or to monitor while you are out of town.
Perhaps the most important part of our service, consultation provides you with the information needed to plan for the future, your landscapes' future. Building a new house? What plants are going in the ground? Where are they to be located? What is the soil like? We can answer all the questions you may have and advise you on the proper steps to take to ensure a lasting outdoor environment.

Don't know what is affecting your plant? We can also inspect, identify, and let you know how to treat for any plant pathogen — insect or fungus.

Don't know what that tree is in the front yard? Your neighbor says its an Oak, you think its a Maple — why not find out for sure?